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Friday, 25 May 2012

Tricks and tips to flog your property quickly

  There are a number of must tricks and tips to sell your property quickly which will help fasten your process. Following are just some of them:
  • Identify your target market, determine who will be in the population to buy your property at the price you want and accordingly tailor your advertisement and approach.
  • To get the best of deals, choose the ideal time to sell off the property.  Spring and Autumn, are the ideal seasons for property sale usually because the demand outgrows the supply, thereby helping you fetch the perfect prices you needed for your property to get sold in.
  • Depersonalize your house, as it is no more going to be yours. The potential buyers who come to see the place must not feel that you are still attached to the place.
  • Refurnishing the house might get you the selling price as you’d expected.
  • Hire a good agent and solicitor who exactly understands your needs and accordingly drafts the contract and applies for the titles deed
  • It is always advisable to choose sole agency than multi-agency and always bargain for agent’s fees.
  • Get a realistic price for your property by using tools such as Property Report
  • Market your property sale well
  • For all the viewings, make special arrangements and keep it up-to-date
  • Choose the perfect buyer. There will be many buyers for the property but it would be advisable to not sell the property to the highest bidder. Before selling in to the buyer, it is necessary to review the financial condition and get basic information of the buyer.  Take into consideration the methods of how they are financing their purchases; it is often advisable to choose the buyers who are ready to buy in cash rather than raising a mortgage.
  • Ensure that the communication between the parties is continuous. It is up to the seller to keep on chasing the potential buyer, in order to keep him motivated and sure about the property. For this, there has to be constant communication in any form.  After all it is this process only which will lead into a concrete deal.


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