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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How to Sell Your House Quickly Tip

So why do some houses sell faster than others? What should you do for selling a house quickly? Same house, same number of bedrooms, same size garden, same street. The difference? The house down the road is presented properly for a quick sale.
You MUST present your property in the best possible light. That means present it as you would wish to see it for the very first time. Okay, let's start at the first thing a potential buyer will see - the front of the house. Is the gate hanging of the hinges? Is the path/driveway covered in weeds? Does the front door need a lick of paint? Do the windows need cleaning? Whatever the season for fast selling home, there's always stuff to do, so get them done, first impressions count, don't put off your potential buyer before they've even got through the front door!
Next, the hallway - don't answer the door with all the kids cramming at the doorway to see who it is, or the dog barking at the door bell ringing… get rid of them! Harsh I know, but pack them off to your Mothers' or a friendly neighbour for half an hour. So that done you answer the door with a big beaming smile, looking smart/casual and smelling nice... "Hi how are you, nice to meet you, please come in". Wow now that's a welcome. I like this house!
So once in you introduce your new guests to the living room… make sure the TV is turned off, cushions plumped up, carpet hovered, toys and general stuff put away, the room freshly aired and flowers somewhere in the room. The living room, as with all rooms, should be freshly decorated and de-cluttered.
Next move on to the kitchen - the most important room in the house! 99% of the time it is a woman who decides where to buy, so without wanting to be sexist, the kitchen is usually her domain. Get it spotless! All dishes clean and put away, table set, floor clean… show her you have pride in your kitchen, show her it is important to you. Then it will shine for her. The smell of coffee or freshly baked bread or cut flowers always works a treat.
After the kitchen, take them outside to view the back garden - make sure all the toys and bikes are hidden away in the garage or shed, have the grass freshly cut and again all weeds removed, make sure the garden furniture is clean and well presented. And hide any gnomes!
Back in the house take your now excited prospective buyers upstairs, show the master bedroom first with fresh clean linen and curtains open to give as much light as possible. Do the same with the kids rooms and again hide any clutter, take down all the One Direction posters (the potential buyers may like The Wanted) and make sure the bedrooms don't have any lingering smells, or at least not bad ones!
Which leads us directly to the main bathroom - the second most important room in the house (for the female buyer) - the main bathroom should absolutely sparkle with freshness and cleanliness… and remember toilet lid down.
So, some very simple basic tips to help you for a quick house sale quicker than your neighbour. Do these and more if you can and you will soon be shaking hands with you prospective buyer! But remember, don't have the kids turn back up before they've gone!


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