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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Emir of Qatar renovates 185 year old Britain’s mansion, makes it worth £200m

  Qatar's royal family has set their foothold in UK's property. The family has spent on renovating a grade II property, now making it worth £200m – making it Britain's costliest property.

The emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, had brought the property, named  Dudley House in London's Park Lane,  for a mere £37.4m in 2006, tried lavishing by renovating, now making it worth the what is the most priced property in Britain. Not only the amount spent on renovation, there are various other points worth considering about the property which is all set to aid it as the priciest mansion of UK.
  • The house is known to give splendid view of the Hyde Park.
  • It has a presence of a 50ft ballroom, an 81ft picture gallery and furniture
  • 17 bedrooms and 14 reception rooms
  • 44,000 sq ft of space
  • Knocked down three different properties to make it to one grand mansion

The Sunday Times updates on the interior, states the interior designing has been kept intact to the original Regency and Victorian interiors.
Further, to let you imagine the interior, Gary Hersham, head of Beauchamp Estates, said: 'There is gold leaf throughout. The other main colors are cream and neutral - it is very tastefully done.

The ceilings are ornate and very high, although these have been dropped in the bathrooms, which are all marble. There is a very grand staircase, and chandeliers throughout.'

The Dudley House was built in 1827 for the Dudley Ward family, to become a hang out place for Edward VII, where he would meet his mistress in secret.  According to property experts the house could get sold for £250m.

With this, now there have sprung up many properties like such.  The 36-38 Queen Anne's Gate was bought for £50m, and is not all set to get itself renovated, trying to make it include, double height basement, swimming pool and underground car park. On the other hand, Luxury property experts, point out Bridgewater House in Westminster, could fetch as much as Dudley House.  This grand property is owned the family of Yiannis Latsis.

While the rest of the UK is seen facing problems in owning a house and are considering on renting a house for longer term and even those who are trying to own are doing so through mortgage finance and later to only find them in the debt and or the ones who are renting are finding themselves trapped in rent arrears. On the contrary, this seems quite dubious and ironic that properties are being bought, renovated and then sold, all a royal's game.  This is the ground reality, a royal trend.


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