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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Foreign investment in UK’s properties

Qataris have shown much of their interest in buying UK property. With the selling of properties in UK getting tough at this time, the cash rich investors, Qataris have bought off many properties in UK, especially in the UK capital London.

For instance, the rich investors of Qatar have bought he £2bn Shard, all 1,016 feet of it, making it the Europe’s tallest skyscraper. Else from that, they have already invested in Canary Wharf, Harrods and One Hyde Park, most expensive blocks of London.

To amaze you, the country's Sandhurst-educated ruler, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, also owns a part of Sainsbury supermarket, huge chunk of London Stock Exchange and also the Olympic village.

According to the reports by economics consultancy, Fathom Consulting, commercial properties in UK that too in up market and posh areas, have been noticed to garner huge overseas investments.

Further the report has remarked that the properties in Prime London has outperformed than the properties in Greater London by 30% and in overall UK by 34%. "This has led to a growing belief that prime central London is special and entirely separate from the rest of the UK property market. That it's in a class of its own," the report says.

The fact is also aided by a report from Development Securities which noticed that London remains a hotspot as far as foreign investment is concerned leaving behind New York and Paris. The report concluded that at the end of 2011 52% of the City of London's office space was foreign-owned.

Joining the Qataris in the race are also millionaires and tycoons of Greeks and Spain respectively. However, this is true only for rich people. For when the economy faces a recession, the investments are discouraged.
All in all, London is indeed a pie every foreign investor would want to have. Keeping in mind the current economic situation in UK, money from foreign investment can really help heal the economy.


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