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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Benefits of selling your property through auction

If you're hardly hit by the economic downturn and are in desperate need to sell your property then selling through an auction is just the right choice for you. While selling your property through an estate agent or privately make take a lot of time for you, sale through auction can save our life.

Usually it takes a lot of time if you sell your property through an estate agent or privately, for there might be many buyers who'll come to check your property and you have a power to say them NO until you get a right price for your property. However, selling through auction lets a quick sale of your house as you don't have a power to say NO. The process for selling through an auction involves just registering your property with an auction house the highest bidder gets the property and you might even get a price than you'd expected. But, you got to vacate your property after right after 28 days of the decision.

Thus, selling via an auction not only lets you get a higher price for your property but also the process is time saving.  Not only this, if the buyer cannot complete the sale by not giving you full amount decided in terms of selling price, in due time, then the buyer feels heavy penalties. If the sale doesn't happen due to lack of finance then, you as a seller as free to keep their 10% of their deposit amount with you and if you sell your property to someone at a price lesser than the price offered by the buyer at auction, then they are also liable to pay the differences in the two prices. You don't get such benefits when selling a property through an estate agent or privately.

Also, selling through an auction is has advantages for certain type of properties. Such as disposing off land, repossessed properties and any other properties which are difficult to estimate in terms of their value and, can only be sold quickly through an auction.

Thus, all in all, selling property though auctions is far way beneficial and burden reducing to you as a seller than just selling through an estate agent or privately.


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